Terms and Conditions


The Philosophy:

Our founder specified that:

"Polished Diamonds must produce the highest quality jewellery at factory direct fair and honest prices.  Every unique jewellery item is to be custom made and tailored to each clients needs. Complete customer satisfaction must be achieved with every sale without exception."

This philosophy forms the drive at Polished Diamonds to help every client and form a memorable and pleasant shopping experience that will last a lifetime.  How can we help you?  Contact us and speak with our team of trained professionals or to the founder himself Mr Daniel Joines - it is a pleasure to help.

International Supply
Polished Diamonds offer thousands of GIA certified Diamond and Jewellery Designs. We operate in 13 Countries that have a combined audience of over 3 billion people.  We supply diamonds and gemstones from around the world all with United nations approval for conflict free, ethical and sustainable.

Pricing and Availability
Most importantly we believe in fair and honest pricing. Sometimes an item may be priced incorrectly due to our complex algorithms, human error, foreign exchange adjustments or diamonds selling out simultaneously and not being available for purchase. Remember the best ones don’t last for very long and we have over 10,000 available online updating every 4 hours. In the rare occasion that one of these circumstances affect the pricing or availability of a particular product on our website Polished Diamonds are not committed to sell and will give you the immediate option to cancel your purchase and obtain a full refund. The price includes Free insured delivery, local taxes, a stunning presentation box and full documentation.  The price published is the full price delivered to your door.

Duty and Tax:
Our inclusive prices cover all local Tax, Duty, Insurance and FedEx delivery to your location – there is nothing else to pay on delivery. The pricing is specific to the country you are looking at so for example if you are looking at the Australian website the prices include freight to Australia and 10% GST tax. You can’t buy from the Australian site and have delivery to the UK; rather you need to go to the UK website and those prices reflect the delivery and VAT tax for delivery to the UK. If you are not in one of the 13 countries we support we can offer a tax free purchase and you can simply pay local customs or sales tax before receiving the package. So be sure to select the country that suits your delivery location best from our website footer. If your country is not listed please contact us for tax free pricing and assistance.

Diamond Certificates:
A Diamond Certificate is a very important document as it details the characteristics of the diamond that you’ve purchased. A diamond certificate can be issued by many businesses, organisations, private individuals and laboratories. Yet their interpretation of that diamond may in fact be merely an interpretation rather than a fact. It is vitally important that the diamond certificate is issued by a neutral body that is extremely accurate, prudent and well respected on a Global scale. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is such a body and as the inventors of the modern diamond grading system and foremost authority in gemology we recommend and exclusively provide GIA certified diamonds.

Ethical Diamonds:
Polished Diamonds sell only conflict free and ethically mined diamonds meaning that the process is respectful to nature and to the environment. The Diamonds we sell originate from Kimberley Certified and United Nations approved countries. The Mining Firms within these Countries support the following Principles:
-Sustainable Development
-Participatory Decision Making
-Accountability and Transparency
-Polluter Responsibility
-Basic Rights of the Individual

This includes human rights, labour rights, rights to development, rights to work in a healthy environment and the rights of Indigenous people.

We guarantee all workmanship defects on our products for the lifetime of the buyer.  This is extraordinary where many of our competitors offer 1 year.  A guarantee reflects the quality and we stand by the fact we are producing the best quality possible and back this with a lifetime guarantee.

We offer an after sale service of polishing, cleaning, adjustments and sizing which is chargeable at material cost and shipping. Please note our labour costs are free for all our existing clients.

Diamonds do not usually come out of their setting voluntarily but must be forcibly pushed or hit to be removed from that setting. We will gladly reset your diamond if you damage a setting but the unexpected loss of a diamond is an insurance issue and is not covered by this guarantee. Every diamond ring or jewellery item leaves our workshop with the diamond or gemstone securely set and will not come loose in 1,000 years unless force is applied to dislodge the stone.  We are not responsible for this force much like a car maker is not responsible for scratches to a cars paint work.  We can easily tighten the gemstone should you knock it out and we do recommend insuring all items for the loss.

Our products are delivered via registered courier and are fully covered by insurance during the shipping process. For your security these always requires a signature and identification prior to release. Shipping times are usually 3-5 business days to anywhere in the world and we advise the tracking details so you can follow the status of your parcel. Delays in shipping are very rare but obviously these are out of our immediate control. On rare occasions delay in delivery can occur through employee strikes, customs clearance, weather and acts of God such as earthquakes, human error, technology and events out of our control. Your item is fully insured until you take the delivery so you can relax and enjoy the convenience while we ensure that your item is delivered efficiently and securely.  FedEx is our preferred shipping partner and we use other courier firms if FedEx is not availble.

We custom build every special Diamond Ring, Wedding Ring, Diamond Pendant, Diamond Earring, Diamond Bracelet or whatever jewellery item you commission us to create. We have pave-set table tennis bats, custom made body jewellery, bird cages, belt buckles and even extraordinarily unique items for the super rich and famous, in fact anything can be made to precision for the most discerning of clients. We find custom made jewellery is like a tailor-made suit that fits perfectly when designed to follow the symmetry of the body. The same is true of jewellery that is exclusively designed to fit specific measurements and budgets set by our clients. We initially preview the item for you using 3-d Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology and provide this output for you prior to your approval. Each item takes approximately 10-15 business days to manufacture and this includes hand setting, hand polishing and hand finishing to perfection. Remember we are ‘Jewellers of Distinction’ and our industry-leading production methods are a benchmark for the Jewellery profession.

Returns and Refunds:
On the very rare occasion that you are not satisfied with the result we will work with you to correct the error at the earliest opportunity. Additionally, if the product we deliver does not match the order that you initially placed we will gladly refund your payment in full upon the return of our product. The refund period is 30 days from receipt of the products delivery date. So effectively you have 30 days to fully scrutinize the item and subject it to any additional analysis. as long as a courier collects the item within the 30 day period we will issue the refund immediately upon inspection and confirmation that it has been returned to our office. We will refund once we have the original item, original documents and that the item is in new condition and not worn. We cross grade the diamond to ensure it is the original and may need to send it back to the GIA for verification if we think the diamond does not match the one that was initially sent to you. We have a philosophy to ensure complete satisfaction and will always work with you to ensure you are happy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
We always aim to provide 100% client satisfaction. Our swathe of customer testimonials bear full witness to the quality and level of service that we have previously provided for others. So in knowing this you can relax in the knowledge that you are dealing with one of the Worlds premier Diamond Jewellery Companies and a jeweller of Distinction with awards to back up our claims. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed and assured.

Finger Size:
Please note that it is the responsibility of clients to inform us of the finger size because we will manufacture to that size accordingly. Most diamond rings can easily be resized for a minimal fee but titanium wedding rings, rings with diamonds in the band and rings with intricate setting work can often only be resized 1-3 sizes and sometimes require a remake. If a ring needs to be remade in order to achieve the correct size, we charge this out at cost and issue a credit for the metal so the charge is as minimal as possible, free labor and material cost only. It is best to ensure that you supply the correct finger size in the first place. Be sure to contact us to discuss sizing techniques if you are unsure. Remember we’re here to help.

Real People:
We have a great team of people at Polished Diamonds and we are here for you.  Contact us and lets explore all the opportunities and allow us to help you will be thrilled with the outcome.  We like to go completely out of the way for clients - we even jumped on a plane and personally delivered an engagement ring to a client in Sydney - just to make it happen.  Contact us to ask questions and lets have a friendly chat.