About Us

The year was 2000 and it was a new millennium, Microsoft had just released windows, Google New York sets up in a Starbucks on 86th Street and Steve Jobs with Apple decide to launch into personal lifestyle devices called the iPod.  It was an amazing time for technology and innovation across multiple sectors and industries.

At this time our founder Dan Joines was thinking about the next level in his long-term relationship and getting engaged.  Looking for the perfect engagement ring was difficult, he wanted something that was unique and would thrill and excite his long time girlfriend and soon to be fiancé. London based Joines went to many Jewellery stores including Tiffany & Co, Harry Winston and Gerrards looking for his ideal engagement ring but soon realised that most were relying on tired counter stock rings that lacked the wow factor and journey of a commisioned engagement ring made specially for him and to his specific design.  Joines eventually found an online firm that enabled him to select a specific diamond and then have the ring design he liked custom made to suit that exact diamond.  It soon became obvious to Dan that diamond engagement rings should be customised for each client as the finger size always needed to be changed and the diamond on offer in set counter stock rings was often too big, too small or lacked the colour and clarity and cut quality - complete customisation is the solution.

Dan Joines then decided to launch a diamond jewellery business to manufacture the worlds most accurate and perfect diamond engagement rings - Polished Diamonds was born.  The mission was to create the highest quality diamond rings and jewellery items possible and let clients select the diamond or gemstone to complete the design to their budget.  We quickly realised that Computer Aided Design (CAD) could be used to present an architecturally accurate model to clients for their approval or for adjustments to ensure the design was perfect.  These CAD models were digital so we could email these to any location worldwide.  Polished Diamonds then expanded to include service to 13 countries including United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. 

In 2004 we realised that the CAD design model we were emailing for clients approval could be rapid prototyped and converted from a digital computer model into a tangible wax polymer model using 3D printing technology to grow a replica of the ring.  The transition from digital to actual with perfect symmetry had just been made and this was going to revolutionise the way we produced diamond rings forever.  The digital model enabled us to design any style of ring from a photo or modification to our collection and we could show it in perfect proportion with the actual finger size and diamond measurements of exactly how the ring was going to look when finished - how cool is that! Clients no longer had to hope that their turned out like they hoped - it was guaranteed.  Our bench jewellers and diamond setters had a perfect Platinum or Gold replication of the digital design through the 3D printing and rapid prototyping methodology - this meant the rings were symmetrically perfect with tiny filigree detail and settings replicated perfectly.  Our innovation and strive to perfect the art of jewellery manufacture earned us "Best Retail at the Business Awards" - the only Jeweller to win this coveted award. 

Today Polished Diamonds continue to design and produce the worlds most accurate diamond jewellery. We have over $120 million worth of GIA certified diamonds on our website from our diamond cutting partners in Belgium, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Israel plus an amazing supply of the finest Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and any other gem stone imaginable.  Any jewellery design can be modelled and produced, any gemstone can be supplied and any price point achieved.  We continue to have a personal approach to every client even if they buy through our website we personally call, discuss and are there for them to be assured and comfortable they are in the best hands.  Our pricing is fair and on a factory direct basis and all items have a lifetime guarantee.

Contact Polished Diamonds today and speak with our qualified team; we are here to help, answer questions and explain how you can have the best quality, best value and best engagement ring or fine jewellery item for your budget.